In 2015, an idea was born. It's first inception was meant to be a brunch that brought together the young female community of Burgersfort, an opportunity that would allow them to reflect and learn more about their true power as women.

Re Basadi is a brand that promotes sisterhood, growth and success (and making lots and lots of coins through constant collaborations)

We are private organisation that aims to get young women (between 18 – 35) involved in business by giving them a platform to showcase their businesses.

Re Basadi aims to connect women by creating platforms for them to network and facilitate collaborations.

As an organisation, we aim to see sustainable growth in female-owned business and create a network of young women who support each other and guide each other through their entrepreneurial journeys. 

Our goal is to inspire change and to ignite passion entrepreneurship.

Our goal is to be the game-changers and shape-shifters of female entrepreneurship in Africa and beyond.