"Your work ethic will always determine how successful you will become."

And that's a quote I'd like to attribute to myself. From a very young age, I had to learn the importance of working hard.. whether it was at school or at home, I always knew that my hard work will contribute to my success and not just hard I worked but how much I valued my work and how much effort I actually put in achieving the specific task. I had to learn the important of being passionate about something and in turn, I had the pleasure of experiencing how passion can feul you achieve mounts of success. 

I did not grow up imagining that one day I would want others to succeed from my success because like any other child, my vision was to live the fast life with really fast cars but when you grow up and become exposed to a society that often sidelines women and very often doesn't encourage their bond and companionship, you're bound to reflect on yourself and you start thinking how you can better the environment you live in. 

My journey with are Basadi started nearly 2 years ago and in that time, I had to learn how to embrace failure, how to seek opportunities and most importantly how to love women and everything they are. 

My journey with Re Basadi is been quite an adventure. An adventure I continue to explore everyday and the discoveries are worth every stride.