We’ve discovered a few hacks on how to increase productivity and one of our favourite ways…. work spaces! We often hear “Your environment influences your creative, productivity and essentially your coins” (Well…. we added that last part)

Here are a few ways to improve your personal work space so you can increase your productivity.

1. Bring in natural lighting. You can do so by opening up your curtains often. To bring in great ventilation, open your windows.

2. Don’t be a cou….. well chair potato. Get up as often as possible, at least every hour to grab something to eat, take a walk outside or just get up and get some fresh air.

3. Brighten up the colour scheme of your working space. It’s been proven that happy colours evoke a sense of happiness…. add some colour into your life and your space.

4. Have a special balance. Dedicate time to working, fulfilling personal responsibility and engaging in your hobbies. Work hard, not too hard. Take time out when you’re overwhelmed and return back to work when you’ve cleared your mind.

5. Introduce a bit of nature into your space.

6. Use scents to increase your productive.