"As women we fail to start our own businesses simply because we don’t want to take charge in something great, we are so scared to kick start our own ideas and tend to forget that women have the power to do things without men. Being a feminist does not only end in the kitchen. First we need to know what “Greatness” means: greatness is a possibility, greatness is a birth right to each and everyone of us which is only limited by our mindset. Greatness begins the moment you know your worth and who you are as a person.

You don’t have to wait for people or your parents to validate your worth. Because when you make mistakes in life and disappoint them, you start to think that your worthless. We always think that greatness is only meant for people who come from a good background or a rich family, which is completely WRONG !! 

Greatness fits us all. 

It does not matter if your black or white, rich or poor, we are all destined for greatness.  

The only thing that affects us from starting our own initiatives is 
not knowing that the fear that exists between is a fear of greatness. We need to let go of that fear. 

Three important things that makes you great are: 
1. Wanting to be great! 
2. Thinking of greatness! 
3. Putting action to what you say! 

Ladies….we are already equipped! it’s all up to us now, we need to take only one step to make a move. Be in control and take charge!”