9 August 2017
Tebatso Molapo

I often come across people asking me why I started Re Basadi and I’m often too quick to give the cliché answer: “Because I am genuinely passionate about women”. This is not “cliché” as in my desire to keep Re Basadi growing isn’t fuelled by my strong love for women but there is a deeper reason to why waking up each day and working on Re Basadi has become not a habit but has become a part of me.

I grew up in a family of strong independent women, 2 in business and my aunt a whole other type of warrior on her own. Growing up, the concept of support has always been instilled in me and my younger siblings and when I saw how much that helped me grow as a young woman, I knew I wanted it to work for everyone else around me. And when I saw a gap in female entrepreneurship in my hometown, I knew I wanted my family values to work for other young women but before anything else, I needed to find a way to deconstruct the issues which exist among us as young women and that is the hate and jealousy which usually lurks among all of us. I needed to find a common ground for us, figure out what will allow us the opportunity to not only rid ourselves of all the negativity we carry within ourselves but a space that will allow growth and encourage innovation.

It has been a good year and 7 months and every day, the dreams feels new and it’s reborn. I look forward to working with the largest community of young women in business towards building a tomorrow that is beyond something we never imagined possible.