If you've been an entrepreneur for a while, you might know how difficult it is to get things moving and even a bit more difficult to actually start making money. Here are few ways to grow your business and if you're consistent with these rules and lessons, we might be seeing you on the JSE soon.

1. Invest in your marketing education – Know what marketing platforms to use and come up with creative ways to

2. Study masters – Research and find out how people who are masters in your field have done it. Apply those methods into your business but don’t forget to be unique about your ideas

3. Make most of social media – savvy social media interactions are crucial for the growth. As the world is inching rapidly into technology, make sure that your business is on the right path.

4. Increase value for your customers – give your customers them more than they expect.

5. Upgrade your packaging – whether it’s a product or service, customers are attracted to packages. If you offer various services, package them so that your customer can purchase a single package which will be inclusive of different services. If it’s a product, come up with ways to make your packaging appealing

6. Respond to calls and emails faster than they expect you to – Not an easy one but take time out of your day every day to respond to customer queries or engage with them on your social media platforms.
7. Branch Out – if your business one product or service, come up with innovative ways to include new products or services that will directly be linked to your main product or service. E.g. if you sell clothing, include jewellery or shoes to your store

8.  Joint venture partnerships – Collaborate with other business and organizations. This will help expose your business to different existing and established markets.