Self-care means taking care of yourself by allowing yourself basic physical human needs like sleep, food, and water and emotional needs. Self-care ensures that you are mentally, emotionally, and physically equipped to handle the demands of your business. The cost of not taking care of yourself is much greater in the long run. Entrepreneurs experience an immense amount of pressure and often lack the time to dedicate to their own mental and physical health. This is the paired with the need to project a confident image to potential investors, potential customers, and new employees. In a lifestyle with a million things on the go, one thing that should be checked off the to-do list each day is one that is often neglected: self-care. Always remember that when you are your business, you can’t afford to let yourself go.

 Minimize Stress through Exercise

Work out for 15-30 minutes each day. Doing this not only enhances your physical health but you’re able to keep your mind off your to-do list which is very crucial and important for your mental wellbeing.

 Sleep More (and Better)

Sleep deprivation, when turned into a habit contributes to reduced decision making ability and stunts creativity. You might get more done by burning the midnight oil, but the cost of that is building a routine that includes lack of sleep and depending on coffee and energy drinks to refuel. If you can’t seem to catch a solid 8 hours take good 10-30 minute power nap in between work.   

Eat right  

Food choices have a direct impact on cognitive performance. To avoid poor food choices, plan ahead. Prepare healthy snacks and meals for the week, portioned out in the. When in doubt, go for greens—increased consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables actually impacts engagement and creativity at work.

And, don’t forget about water.


Take a proactive approach to being around other people. Go to social events, work from a coffee shop once a week or join local entrepreneur meetup groups. Being around people helps

 Treat Yourself

Allow yourself to be rewarded for your hard work, whether it’s a weekend away, or something as simple as your favourite take-out. There may be no one else around to celebrate your small victories, like launching your store or getting your first sale.Rewarding yourself for all your victories can work to self-motivate you through rough patches. Set goals, but don’t forget to reward yourself when you reach them.

 Talk to Other Entrepreneurs

While you might want to project the image of having everything in hand to investors and customer, no one will understand the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur more than your peers. Find a Mastermind group or support group so you can talk openly about the trials and tribulations of being a founder.

 Go Offline

Designate an hour each evening or one full day each weekend to take a tech vacation – turn off your phone, tablet, and/or laptop and enjoy quality time with family, friends, or give yourself some alone time. Remember, it’s about quality of work, not quantity.

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