It’s needless to say I was going to start with Destiny Magazine in my attempt to appreciate female-owned platforms that inspire me everyday. The willingness to learn does not only stem from the fact that I’m trying to create something great and amazing but I’ve made it my mission to learn from those before me and those with all their efforts continue to not only bring women together but work tirelessly to improve their lives as they transcend deeper into their entrepreneurship journeys and careers.


I was 16 when I first picked up a copy of Destiny Magazine, I would steal copies from my sister room after she’d read them and like that they would become mine. The habit never stopped until the day R30 really wasn’t much for the inspiration I was absorbing when I flipped through each page.

I can’t exactly say which issue made me fall in love with the stories that were shared in the almost 10 years old publication (surely I would like to get an invite to the 10th anniversary of Destiny Magazine) but being 16 and reading stories of young women who were thriving and breaking boundaries in their respective careers unlocked a certain level of self-belief that I never knew existed.

That’s when my life took an entire turn, that’s when I knew I wanted to not only become my own person but I want to do so with every woman like me. I’ve never looked back since.


There are a few good reasons I would recommend Destiny Magazine to anyone and everyone I meet and it is certainly because I’ve watched myself grow after every issue in the space of 5 years. There’s a saying I’ve read (quite a lot of times) and it says

You are what you read

and to be quite honest, I’m the human form of that. Destiny Magazine has not only cultivated my love for women but has made me appreciate the process of my journey as a young female entrepreneur.

Tebatso Molapo

(Founder – Re Basadi)