We’ve collaborated with Balekane Baloyi to find out more from women within different spectrums what it means to be a woman in today’s society. It’s an ongoing collaboration in celebration of Women’s Month.
Balekane is a 22-year-old Media Student, freelance photographer and Old skool vibe lover, she shares her Art by expressing her Work through lenses and Explores her appreciation for Feminity by creating a Portrait Series for the Month of August of All the amazing women In Everyday Life
“Being a young black woman in this modern society, is so scary and exciting at the same time. Being a black woman in this modern society for me is about believing in yourself and knowing your worth. It is also about constantly having your guard up all time and protecting yourself. It’s such a beautiful thing constantly growing as a black woman and realizing your cool. That’s what being a young black woman is for me growing and constantly realizing your cool.”“Being a black young woman in this modern society for me is very bombarding. In as much as it’s like I’m a part of some exclusive, prestigious goddess organization.From feminism to fighting for racial equality to the politics to the system at large. It is just too overwhelming.” – (Hlengiwe Lesedi, 22)
“I’ve never seen my mother cry. When I was younger I came to the conclusion that she was cold, but with time I realized this simply wasn’t true. I know my mother is emotional: I’ve seen her joyful, I’ve seen her furious, I’ve seen her excited and scared and even sad, I’ve just never seen her cry. I later grew up to understand that we live in a world that doesn’t grant black women vulnerability and that black women everywhere suffer for it immeasurably. It is for this exact reason that I couldn’t admit to myself that I was ill for a very long time. I associated vulnerability with weakness.I am encouraged by the ways I am seeing black women navigate this period of evangelical history. Being black means black girl magic.” (Nozi, 22)
“I feel like Womanhood is majestic, though shitty sometimes, but always own who you are, I’m Royal, I’m a Queen of my own throne 👑” (Lebo, 38)
“I’m an Aunt, A Sister, a daughter and a Wife so all of that summed up the woman I am Today and I don’t think I’d trade that for anything, I’m a Rock, An inspiration to Other” (Mosa, 34)
“The Best part about being Female is that you get to express each and every part of you unapologetically. That for me is being true to yourself. That for me is strong Feminity” (Jeannette, 21)