As a young woman who has been drawn to beauty, I found myself constantly admiring the ease at which Lerato Kgamanyane made every garment she had on beautiful or how her Instagram profile lured you to the first picture she posted. I would not necessarily consider myself much of a fashion person but every element of Lerato’s online blog became a source of inspiration for how I laid out my own. It was in 2015 when I fell in love with the aesthetic nature of Instagram and where else could I seek inspiration but from the young women who are already in touch with my ultimate “feed goals”.

She’s effortless in what she does and her long list of collaborations and magazine features speak for her.

I sourced a lot of inspiration from works I came across and what stood out for me with Lerato is her ‘Hellen Rose” platform which she has turned into a collaborative effort between women of all ages, races and backgrounds. There is nothing more beautiful to me than diversity and being able to hear stories of young women who are pursuing different goals and hearing stories of different women. If anyone knows me well enough, I have a weakness and passion for women who work together in pursuit of a bigger and better future.

Hellen Rose is not only a pit-stop (Disclaimer, it’s very addictive) for aesthetic inspiration but it’s a well for real-life stories from real women. There’s nothing you ‘ll need that you won’t find on Hellen Rose