It’s that time of the year when we have our goals aligned and planning towards greener pastures (we’re honestly ready for 2018). What better way to end the year but to plan for a successful 2018?

Here are a few tips on how to write a winner business proposal to that company you believe has potential to change your life.

Gather the facts

  • Learn about your client and get proper insight into your project.
  • Meet with your client and create a personal relationship with them.
  • Know the company goals so you can structure your proposal to be in line with their goals and company values.

How you should structure your proposal?

  1. Always open your proposal with a professional header. This includes your company letterhead or logo. Your company name and address should be present in the opening header. Avoid using “to whom it may concern” by identifying the person responsible for issuing sponsorship and addressing it specifically to them.
  2. Describe yourself and your organization. In the description, be sure to be concise and give your prospective sponsor an immediate idea of your mission. Don’t leave any questions unanswered. Detail the solutions you plan on proposing. Be specific about your expectations as well as what the investor can expect. Detail the funds required, the time it will take to execute, how you plan to execute, etc.
  3. Detail how your the sponsorship to your organization will benefit the investor. Give specific examples on how the sponsors what the sponsors will gain from working with you.
  4. The closing page or paragraph should include your contact details and platforms where your sponsor will find information on the work you’ve done.

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