We extracted an interview by Jaimee-Lee Diergaardt about Vision Boarding and the importance of creating a Vision Board. She’s the Founder of Windhoek-based “Something Artsy”

1. What is a vision board?

A collage of pictures and words arranged in a specific way, that you cut and paste onto a board.

2.On how it has helped her?

Yes it is, it has helped me become a positive, more optimistic person. I look at it daily in gratitude of already having everything I’ve asked for. It keeps me motivated and it fuels my drive. I might not have everything on my board yet but I am well on my way to achieving/obtaining it.

3. Why it’s a good and effective motivational tool?

Writing down a goal and hoping it will come true, is something that many people do and although it is a great start, most people will soon forget about it. It is easier to remember images and/or the combination of both, than just words alone, hence the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

The better you are able to visualize your end goal, the more motivated you will be. And the more you see it, the more focused you’ll stay.

4. Why she started the vision board classes (events) in Windhoek?

Doing this alone, by myself was boring and tedious. I felt uninspired and not motivated enough to see it through. I would easily get side tracked by the articles and lose my focus. After weeks of procrastinating my willpower flew out the window.

They say, a good way to stay disciplined is to find someone that can hold you accountable, and as most people start the New Year with similar goals, I figured hosting a vision board party would be a great way to get people together. It forces one to set aside the time needed to create a vision board but in a fun, interactive way.

Plus with everyone bringing a stack of old magazines, we’d have a bigger selection to page through.

6. On Vision Board instructions…

Write down your goals and aspirations for the year. Write down whatever comes to mind without a filter. Do this for about 5 minutes.

Go through your list and prioritize. Choose at least 3 main achievable goals, then break them down even further. Be specific. Instead of writing down things that are vague like “I want to travel more”, try something more concrete like, “I want to go to Thailand – for my birthday – with my girlfriends”

With that in mind, open the magazines, flip through them and cut out anything that resonates with you or inspires you. Look for things that represent or symbolize the experiences, feelings, and possessions you want. If an image speaks to you, tear it out. If you find a word or a phrase that sparks a thought or reaction, cut it out. Get lost in this process. Enjoy it

From your selection, choose only the words and images that best represent your purpose, your ideal future, and words that inspire positive emotions in you.

Put the images and words onto your board. Find a creative way to arrange them, so that it makes sense to you. But try to keep it neat, and be selective about what you place on your board.

Avoid creating a cluttered or chaotic board. There is beauty in simplicity and clarity. Too many images and too much information will be distracting and harder to focus on.

7. Where to keep your Vision Board?

Keep your vision board in a noticeable place, in constant sight. Like on your mirror, or besides your bed or even at the office. The aim is to look at it daily as a reminder to work harder to achieve your set goals.

8. What are the essential items you need to create a vision board?

Old magazine or print outs, scissors, glue and a piece of cardboard or poster board.

“Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is simply passing the time. Action with Vision is making a positive difference.” – Joel Barker


Vision Boarding has sky rocketed, everyone is doing it now. At first we were just a hand full of ladies. Last year I had two sessions. This year I had one every week of January, with a few male participants. We will all get together again and have a Recap and Wine session at the end of this year to hear all the success stories. Also, numbers were exchanged, bonds were formed with the aim of keeping each other accountable and motivated.

Achievements from the 2017 session;

• The one lady had just gotten married and was planning to grow her family, she is now pregnant and due end of February. She had put up a picture of a happy father and son moment, to portray a happy family and to her luck, she is expecting a baby boy.

• The one lady cut out a picture of people camping- as she wanted to be more adventure. She called me up in August to tell me that she had gone camping and that it happened out the blue, like she didn’t plan for it and that she didn’t even realize that it was on her vision board. She said she had such an amazing time and it is all because of a picture she cut in January.

• The one lady wanted to travel to more African countries, find love and find a better job. She is now dating a Zambian guy, who she met on her travels *heart eyes*

• Most ladies put down traveling, body goals, spiritual growth, savings and self-love.